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Dr. Mindy is a renowned holistic health and fasting expert, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and a mission-fueled woman here to teach you just how powerful your body was made to be. The Resetter Podcast explores to empower you with knowledge, tools, and science on all aspects of health and wellness through meaningful conversations with some of the most brilliant minds that walk this earth. New episodes are released every Monday.

Jul 23, 2020

This episode is all about policy change when it comes to lead paint and mandatory vaccines. Plus, we talk about campaign donations, environmental issues, and we dive deep into Ann’s political campaign. 

Ann Ravel has dedicated her life to public service and the fight for justice and equality. A distinguished attorney who never backs down, Ann will take on special interests and fight for the residents of State Senate District 15 and for families across the state. A leader shaped during the Civil Rights era, Ann’s commitment to public service and fighting for justice at every turn was cemented at an early age.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • The dangers of children and lead paint
  • What Ann can do to make policy changes around lead
  • How to follow political money trails 
  • Why there needs to be a cap on campaign expenditures 
  • About the vaccine discussion and why it has to change
  • Why we need to be more aggressive about environmental issues 
  • What Ann wants to prioritize in the California State Senate 

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