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Dr. Mindy is a renowned holistic health and fasting expert, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and a mission-fueled woman here to teach you just how powerful your body was made to be. The Resetter Podcast explores to empower you with knowledge, tools, and science on all aspects of health and wellness through meaningful conversations with some of the most brilliant minds that walk this earth. New episodes are released every Monday.

Jul 12, 2021

// R E A D Y • S E T • R E S E T

This episode is all about the position in which you sleep. We learn that the position we sleep in will be the end-all cure-all for many chronic conditions affecting us.

Dr. Peter Martone has been dedicated to creating the healthiest, most empowered tribe of people on the planet for over 20 years. He is the owner of Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness Centers and the inventor of the neck nest, a modern pillow for the modern-day lifestyle designed to improve your posture while you sleep. Dr. Martone's techniques have been featured nationally on CBS, NBC, and FOX news, and his sleep currently travels the country teaching people to regain their health by mastering the art of sleep.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Why you are struggling with your sleep
  • The importance of your sleep position
  • Why a regular sleep schedule matters to your health
  • The reason you are tossing and turning all night
  • Tips for sleeping better, and why you may need a new pillow

// R E S O U R C E S  M E N T I O N E D

// M O R E  O N  D R.  P E T E R  M A R T O N E


// F O L L O W

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